Magic Door Mat™ - Keep dirt away from home -
Magic Door Mat™ - Keep dirt away from home -
Magic Door Mat™ - Keep dirt away from home -
Magic Door Mat™ - Keep dirt away from home -
Magic Door Mat™ - Keep dirt away from home -
Magic Door Mat™ - Keep dirt away from home -
Magic Door Mat™ - Keep dirt away from home -

Magic Door Mat - Keep dirt away from home

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Stops Dirt and Water in its Tracks with these perfect floor mats!  Perfect for pets and kids, this amazing door mat will save you the daily battle cry of “take your shoes off!”.


This Super Absorbent Door mat (Rug) keeps dirt trapped at the doorway and out of your house.

  • Ultra-absorbent door mat fibers soak up dirt, dust, and moisture
  • Easy to clean mat
  • Avoid dirty footprints on the carpet!
  • PVC non-slip backing
  • Durable and long-lasting 


Anti-Skid NEOPRENE backing that's safe and secure on all floors unlike a traditional rubber backed mat that can stain or even yellow expensive floors. No funny odor or rubber smell. 


Ultra thin door and floor mats will fit under almost any door. They are lightweight, 100% Machine washable and low temp dryer safe as well. 
The high quality cotton structure absorbs liquid at ease, while the microfiber locks in the dirt and muck. Stop the sand, snow, grass, leaves, pine needles, and road salt at the door. 
The non-slip PVC backing lets you wipe your feet thoroughly so that even the most stubborn mud and dust stays at door without you having to take off your shoes.  


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Floor Mat Dimensions: 45 x 70cm ; 60 x 90cm; 90 x 150cm
Thickness: 7- 8mm
In the box: 1 x Magic Clean Mat




"Love this doormat. I bought the smaller size to see if it really works and it does! I bought the larger size since and plan on getting two more large ones.

We have 5, yes 5, large dogs and 3 cats that use the doggy door. That’s 32 paws many times a day. So the small stays by the dog door there and we keep the larger one by the front door. We run a business from our home, so along with the paws, there are quite a few feet coming in and out the front. The door is able to glide right over it!! All the other doormats were too thick and opening the door was a hassle. Can you imagine having groceries and struggling to just open the door?
And let’s talk about when it rains. It would drive me crazy. We put down towels, old blankets. Anything to limit the mess on the area carpets and wood flooring. This magic carpet keeps the little sand, pebbles and muddy mess from getting into the house.
Easy to clean. Just shake out, drop it in the washer and lay flat to dry!
This is a game changer. I don’t have to do the floors every day!"
- Sheila Tyler


"I cannot believe how absorbent this rug is! It also gets dry sand and mud off shoes well. Once I stepped in water in cotton socks in the kitchen, so stepped onto it to see what would happen. WOW, it actually dried my soaked socks off in just a minute. I couldn't be more impressed with this rug! It grips the floor well, and hasn't moved an inch since I put it down several weeks ago. I plan to get one for the bathroom, to step on when getting out of the shower. I've never had a shower/bath mat that was absorbent like this is. Its appearance is lightweight, thin, and not particularly full or thick of fibers, and the fibers are short. I got the brown to match the floor the best, and it's ok, but not an overly attractive rug. That said, I wouldn't pass it up for any other, since the function is exceptional, and I couldn't be happier with it. I highly recommend this rug!" - Amy Rush

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