5econds Review - is 5econds Scam or Legit?


We get it. Shopping online can be daunting. Since you landed here, you are either:


Curious. One of our products caught your attention or a friend recommended us to you. You want to dig deep to know why 5econds received so much love & attention on the Internet.


Or you may feel skeptical, thinking it might be another “fishy” online store, originated to collect some seasonal and quick dollars and then disappear from the scene. 


Or you may have questions about the orders you just placed with us. You will have your tracking number emailed to you soon if you haven't got it already. If you still have questions, write us at alex@5econds.com, we will reply in 24 hours.


In this blog, we will provide you a 5econds reviews from facts and nothing but facts. We hope that you’ll have a better understanding about our platform and have a pleasant experience with shopping with us just like 200,000 of our happy customers.


Now let us deliver what we’ve promised you, give you facts and nothing but facts...


5econds was started in 2018 with the mission to “to help you find the products you love in 5 seconds”. 


Since 2018, our team have introduced over 100 innovative products and served over 200,000 customers (16% is returned customers). The number of customers we serve has been consistently growing every month since 2018 as you can see in our analytics below.

5econds has served +200k customers since it started in 2018 and... Source: Customer engagement software Klaviyo


8M unique visitors, 16% are returning customers. Source: Google Analytics, 12 May 2020

Would you think a company intended for a short stay or scam would be able have hundreds of thousands of (new & returning) customers and this number is consistently growing every month for the last 2 years? 


Not very likely...


Good numbers of customers and sustainable growth are great, but what truly matters to us is how our customers feel when shopping with 5econds. 


That’s why we put customer satisfaction at the heart of what we do with a 24/7 customer support system, strict quality control and fast shipping policy. 


In the rare case you have problems (less than 2% of our 200k+ customers) shopping with us, for example, packages got stolen, lost in transit, customs issue, etc., we have a team of customer service specialists who will listen to your problems 24/7 and do anything possible to help you including shipping new products, refunds, or give out discounts for your next purchases.


In fact, 93.53% of our customers gave us 4+ reviews and 16% of them returned for a second purchase.


Don’t just take our words for it... 


Check out below for some real conversations between our customers and us. Also check out our full review page here.





Feel free to write to us if you have any questions.

Take care and happy shopping!



Chief Happiness Officer